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Erotic Attack 2

Let’s all get it out of the way and thank that two bit, cheating Ashley, because Eric and Ken are going tomeet up on the mats to fight it out for her “love”.

The boys start out with some hair pulling and shit talking. Is this gonna be a cat fight between two “TomCats”?

Ken, the smaller but buffer opponent, has no trouble launching into a main attack against Eric, stretching the swimmer into numerous positions, using a chin lock to put his whole body on display, so we can take in each muscle on his lean bod, as well as the bulge he’s hiding in his neon green speedos.

Our Ken has one of those bodies that the more he wrestles, the bigger and more defined his muscles become. His bulge seems to grow too!! He is merciless in his attack. He claws the abs, his nipples and then his balls! Complete with great shit talking that keeps Eric screaming for release!

The psychology of Ken’s attack on Eric is all about dominance. He doesn’t stop his shit talking, he wants to destroy him. He has one goal: to make Eric his bitch. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ken wins, he would make exquisite Eric into his own personal muscle toy!

However, Eric may have some gas in the tank... he tricks Ken into a handshake of submission, but tricks the muscle boy and delivers a dirty and destructive low blow to Ken’s manhood!

Eric returns the favor and locks up Ken in submission after submission! Laying him out so everyone can take in every drop of sweat on his body!! Can Ken take it?? Eric is a lot more devious than we thought!! He scissors Ken, squeezing the life out of his stunning physique! Following it up with strike after strike to his flawless torso, and a couple of giant blows to his bodacious bulge!

But... Ken is always waiting to get the chance to retaliate... and he gets it. And now... he’s REALLY MAD.

Here’s all I’ll tell you, this match ends with a delicious pin...

Who’s gonna win the love of Ashley!? Who cares!? She doesn’t deserve either of these muscle men! We do!



FULL CAST LIST: Eric Scott, Ken Rodgers
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Crotch Grabbing / Attacking
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Hunks