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Oh No, Low Blows! 2

Austin is showing off his beautiful body and his newly shaved head (I think he’s headed into “Daddy Wrestler” mode VERY nicely.) When Dimitri Darkthorne makes his presence known by challenging him to a nice outdoor wrestling match!

The boys lock up and go hold for hold. Dimitri traps Austin and we get an amazing view of his giant bulge, practically popping out of his neon green trunks! Then Austin returns the favor and we can compare views. Both boys get an enthusiastic two thumbs way up!!

The fight so far has been very much a gentlemen’s fight, until Dimitri senses that he can’t get the upper hand, so he decides to cheat and lands a GIANT low blow to Austin’s nuts (literally leaving him cross-eyed on the mat!)

Now the fight is on. And it’s gonna be as dirty as the junkyard the boys are fighting in! They pretend to apologize for each dirty tactic, but the gentlemanly behavior is all a façade for each other to pound the others bulge into oblivion!

Austin finally takes the upper fly and and with each stretch, lock and claw he adds a ball busting bash like a cheap shot cherry on a sundae!

Both guys are great wrestlers, and each takes the lead over the course of the fight. It’s gonna be a photo finish to the end, and by then, they both may end up as sopranos!



FULL CAST LIST: Austin Cooper, Dimitri Darkthorn
STUDIO: Can-Am Wrestling
DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton
Crotch Grabbing / Attacking
Mat Wrestling
Muscle Hunks
Outdoor Action